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Chenani - Mission & Vision 



Can God Be Trusted? & Is His Word True? 


DescriptionAs we move closer and closer to earth’s final conflict, our aim is to proclaim God’s final warning (Revelations 14:6,7) to the world and to expose the enemy. For this reason, we  believe in HEART as the idea, focus, motive and intention, for realizing the values behind the vision and inspiring others to embrace this challenge and share in the blessings of winning souls for Christ's Kingdom and finishing the work.

Our main focus is to expose the enemy (satan) and transform lives and the world, with God's Holy Word. God has entrusted us to be a part of finishing the work


Mission Statement

Our goal is to (1) Heal the Hurting, (2) Equipping the Saints, (3) Activate Spiritual Gifts, (4) Reach the World, and (5) Teach God's Word 


Vision Statement


  1. Healing the Hurting – we are sensitive to the needs of our members, family, friends and the communities that surround us. We will passionately defend the rights and meet the needs of those who are oppressed and hurting. Thus manifesting the reforming love of Jesus Christ. Luke 4:18, Psalms 72:12
  1. Equipping the Saints – we are a bible & spirit of prophesy based believers learning center outpost. That develops spiritually mature disciples, for the work of Jesus. Every person in our community of faith will know and operate in their areas of spiritual gifts with a passion, for lost soul. We will also develop leaders of integrity, excellence, and unbridled creativity. Romans 12:4-8
  1. Activating Spiritual Gifts – we are a force of believers who are open-minded to Holy Spirit led change. We will foster transparent relationships with other churches, organizations and individuals, in order to impact and transform minds and the world for Christ. Luke 9:49-50
  1. Reaching the World – welcoming multicultural diversity we will reach out in faith to believers and unbelievers alike, transcending all type of barriers (nationalities, ethnic groups, and cultures.) Together we will celebrate uniqueness, individuality of the character of Christ, in all areas of ministry. Galatians 3:26-28
  1. Teaching God Word – we will foster an atmosphere, for deep study of God’s Holy, Inspired Word. God’s Bible truth, light, study, and teachings will influence our decision making process and the actions. Acts 2:42; 17:11

A Safe Place