A Message from Pastor Billy:  



Welcome Servants Of Christ - What a joy and honor it is, for me to greet you to our church family  CHENANI Seventh Day Adventist Church  "A Safe Place" Christian Learning Center Outpost. The word CHENANI means "Established of God" as found in Nehemiah 9:4 and pronounced ke-na'-ni

CHENANI is a strong, faithful, missionary, and multicultural group of believers, who are devoted to serving God, reaching the World and Exposing the enemy. 

As we follow Christ's example, we know that CHENANI's core Mission is in-line with God's Great Commission: Matthew 28:19-20

Our Mission Statement clearly embodies our purpose in exposing satans lies, transforming lives, and reaching the world  through God's Holy Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophesy.  It's time to finish the work! 

The angel said to them,  . . . Get ready, get ready, get ready  click to read.

For that reason, our goal is to help you learn  God's Holy Scriptures, understand clear Bible Prophesy, and recognize The Pillars of Present Truth. 

Come and learn how to appreciate the Compassion, LOVE & Care Jesus saving Grace wants you  to experience "Today".  We invite you to visit us at "A Safe Place".

The Closest Seventh Day Adventist Church To Denver International Airport -DIA  

Tel: 720-410-4144